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Teddy Bear Dog Rescue
4 Apr, 2016

Teddy Bear Dog Rescue

We get a number of enquiries about teddy bear puppy dog rescue so I thought I would post some information about finding a rescue puppy and giving it a new home. You can find all breeds of puppies available to rescue. Unfortunately some owners who thought they were ready to own a puppy turn out […]

Black and White Teddy Bear Puppy
24 Sep, 2015

Teddy Bear Puppy Breeders Top 8 Tips

Teddy Bear Dog Breeders Tips If you have been looking for a snuggly companion, teddy bear puppies are highly recommended. To get your small companion, you should visit your nearest teddy bear puppy breeders. Teddy bear dog breeders say they are sweet-tempered and smart thus are a perfect fit for everyone. They are breed to […]