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Dana With Her Teddy Bear Dog
Dana being kissed by her favorite teddy bear dog

If you are looking for information on teddy bear puppy dogs, you have landed at the right place. I am glad to introduce myself as Dana Hitchens, the puppy master. I come from Oakland California where I run a puppy and dog baby sitting service especially for teddy bear puppies in which I am heavily involved with, being a devoted member of the Oakland teddy bear dog club where the members affectionately call “The Puppy Master”.

I have a great fascination towards the puppy dogs, especially the teddy-bear ones. I have completed various courses on the subjects related to the puppy dogs and other pets. Veterinary nursing is my specialization and I have practiced as a vet nurse for the past ten years. I have also been involved in breeding teddy bear puppies and have raised several pup. I have come across various pets during the course of time with various ailments. So I am sure about judging about the health conditions of the pet dogs.

Sarah with Rupert Teddy Dog

My interest towards the teddy bear puppy dogs developed when I first came to know about them few years back. These pets are quite attractive and amazing. I myself own three of these teddy bear dogs and they make my day! I am also happy about running the teddy bear babysitting business which will be helpful for the working people. The existing members who have subscribed to my babysit are quite happy about the services offered.

My passion towards teddy bear puppies had induced me to become an active member of the Oakland teddy bear dog club. This helped me to learn more about the pets I love the most. The club has asked me to create a website for them also which I am very much considering doing.

There are many pet lovers like me and I wanted to help them in the best possible way. This thought of mine led me to develop a website that exclusively features the teddy bear puppy dogs. My special interest and knowledge, together, gave me enough confidence to launch the website. I wanted to provide some valuable guidance to the pet lovers on adapting and growing the teddy bear puppies. This, I thought, is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with these pets. I also wanted to share some of my experiences with the pet lovers across the globe. My own web site has very well served this purpose.

I am sure that you will find some useful facts in the homepage of my website. My website offers a wide range of teddy bear puppies for the customers with more options. I have taken every care to protect these pets from any illness. The website has various sections that prove helpful for the current as well as potential customers. There is the teddy bear puppies breeds section which talks about the types of cross-breed that are available with me. I have also provided general information about the types of breed dogs for pets, cross-breed teddy bear pets, tips from top breeders, teacup teddy bear puppies and so on. All this information is aimed at educating you enough so as to arm you with enough knowledge to make the right decision when looking at teddy bear puppies for sale. You can also make a search in the search tab to know about any breed type. The quality of service is very superior that you can place your trust on my website. You can always find the right information in my website about the teddy bear puppies. Just have a tour in my website to know various facts about these pets. I am sure that you find the right pet in my website which is flooded with a variety of the teddy bear puppies. And don’t forget to view the awesome teddy bear puppies photo gallery!

Please feel free to contact me for more details –
Puppymaster: Dana Hitchens
Email: teddybearpuppydogs (at) gmail.com
If you’d like to send me through pics of your pups I’ll try to display them on the site!