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    Black and White Teddy Bear Puppy
    24 Sep, 2015

    Teddy Bear Puppy Breeders Top 8 Tips

    Teddy Bear Dog Breeders Tips If you have been looking for a snuggly companion, teddy bear puppies are highly recommended. To get your small companion, you should visit your nearest teddy bear puppy breeders. Teddy bear dog breeders say they are sweet-tempered and smart thus are a perfect fit for everyone. They are breed to […]

    22 Sep, 2015

    Training Teddy Bear Puppies – Top Tips

    A Little Goes A Long Way With These Dog Training Tips Training teddy bear puppies to be obedient isn’t rocket science; the commands are simple – sit, heel, stay – and the ever so popular ‘no barking!’ All you need is a little guidance to get it right and keep the frustration to a minimum. […]

    11 Sep, 2015

    Toilet Training for Teddy Bear Puppies

    In this article I will be tackling the first training mission of them all, toilet training for Teddy Bear Puppies. Toilet-training is arguably one of the most difficult feats to achieve for those who own puppies of any breed, including teddy bear breeds. For you to understand the concept of toilet training, you will need […]

    training fearful teddy bear dogs
    2 Sep, 2015

    Training Fearful Teddy Bear Puppies

    In this article I will be introducing you to training fearful teddy bear puppies and dogs of any breed for that matter. Many dogs including teddy bear dogs or puppies can become fearful and it is important to break this condition as early as possible. It is sad to note that a large number of […]

    teddy bear doggy jumping
    2 Sep, 2015

    Stop Your Dog Jumping Unnecessary

    Stop your dog jumping like a monkey Teaching your puppy the basics and enforcing them is something that you will need to work on right away! One thing you will need to attend to straight away is to stop your dog jumping as it can quickly turn into a pretty destructive habit if left uncontrolled. […]

    older teddy bear dog innocent face
    1 Sep, 2015

    Why is my older dog urinating indoors?

    As your teddy bear dog becomes older, it may begin to use the toilet inside regardless of training, leaving you frustrated and unable to comprehend why. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself: Have you already toilet trained your teddy bear dog? Has it been successful for at least six months at […]

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