Teddy Bear Dog Rescue

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    4 Apr, 2016

    Teddy Bear Dog Rescue

    We get a number of enquiries about teddy bear puppy dog rescue so I thought I would post some information about finding a rescue puppy and giving it a new home.

    You can find all breeds of puppies available to rescue. Unfortunately some owners who thought they were ready to own a puppy turn out not to be at the right stage of their life to do so. These puppies will then find themselves unwanted and looking for a new owner to love them!

    Questions To Ask Yourself First Before Rescuing a Teddy Bear Dog

    So you’d like to a adopt a teddy bear puppy dog? Great!

    But are you really ready to own a dog? Let’s consider the following questions:

    1. Do I have the money to look after a dog? Vet bills, food, toys? These can really add up over the course of a dog’s lifetime.
    2. Can I realistically make the time to look after a dog? Puppies need extra care due to training, let alone all the playtime sessions. Plus they need their walks!
    3. What does my future look like over the next 10 years? Moving homes, or even moving countries could come to great expense and as cute and fluffy as they are now, you need to love and care for them like a parent all the way through their life. And they won’t be moving out of home at some point either!
    4. Will I be home enough to care for them? If you travel a lot, who will look after your dog while you are gone? You can pay for this service from someone like a dog walker but it generally does not come cheap.
    5. How much space do I have? Dogs need space. Duh! Teddy bear dogs need less space but they still are energetic and if you rent, your strata may have rules around dogs living there with you. Most important to remember, all puppies grow up to be bigger dogs (yes obviously some bigger than others!) but wouldn’t you hate to be that person taking the dog to a shelter because you do not have room for them any more?
    6. Lastly, do I really, really want to adopt a dog? It sounds like a silly question, but people want to adopt dogs for a variety of different reasons so best you think honestly about what yours is. Why don’t you pop your reason below in the comments? You need to make sure your reason isn’t one that is going to change over the next 5 to 20 years. Your dog will become (some say the best) part of your family! So it needs to be a resilient and perpetual reason.

    Where To Adopt a Teddy Bear Dog From?

    Okay, so you’ve ticked YES to all the questions above. Fantastic! Next up, where would you like to acquire your new family member from?

    Rescue group

    A rescue group, or “breed rescue group” is generally a few animal lovers who care for dogs and other pets in either kennels or in their own homes. Some groups specialise in particular breeds of dog so you might try one of these such groups if you are looking for a particular breed to rescue.

    Local dog shelter

    A shelter may be run by a large organisation such as the ASPCA or RSPCA or locally individually run. Some are large with many kennels and some very small, but the key is that these amazing charities take in pets from the pound or the street or who have been surrendered. The animals have nowhere else to go and the shelter will act as an intermediary between someone like yourself looking for a new family pet and the big bad world.

    The shelter will also screen potential new dog owners to check that they are a good match for the temperament and personality of the animal and yourself and your lifestyle. They can help with advice around immunisations and vaccinations too.

    Online via websites such as petfinder.com or http://www.adoptapet.com/dog-adoption (who advertise shelter dogs from all over the country)
    Such websites allow you to look more broadly than the pets in your own local shelter, for example if you are after a specific breed.


    A pound is the first place a stray or seized pet generally ends up after being taken in by rangers on behalf of a local council. You might like to adopt a pet from the pound, however you will likely not get any idea about the dog’s temperament or suitability to your own from the staff there.

    Teddy bear dog breeds may be found via one of the above means meaning you don’t need to visit a breeder to find your perfect partner. You may just save a dog’s life along the way too!

    Breeds of Rescue Teddy Bear Puppy Dogs

    You may already have the type of dog in mind that you’d like to adopt. You could find a Sichon (Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise) or one of the various hybrids between similar breeds such as Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Schnauzers, Toy poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Yorkshire Terries, and Daschunds. You may also like to rescue a Pomeranian teddy bear puppy dog or rescue a Goldendoodle, which are one of the most popular teddy bear puppies. 

    Bichon Frisé Teddy Bear Puppy
    Bichon Frisé

    To be honest though, if you take the time to visit a shelter with the right motives, with all your pre-conceived ideas about what breed of pooch you would like you will likely form an attachment with a helpless pup in there that you fall in love with regardless of their pedigree. These dogs are closer to euthanization than freedom, so give them all a chance and be clear and honest about your reasons for selecting them and you will both be better off as a result!

    Brighten your day by checking out some more puppy pics.




    1. Connie Earhart

      I looking for a female, small dog puppy. Would like one with several colors. Thanks

    2. My reasons are founded. I had 4 poodles from the time they were pups. They all have passed except the last one. Had them all at the same time, they were from the same breeder. The oldest we had since 1999, and we had to put her down last year, she had lost her sight and hearing. One lost his teeth and developed a melanoma so we put him down. Our dogs could talk to us. The smallest developed a liver problem and was too small, 3 lbs, to recover. The last one wil be 15 this year. He has lost his teeth and beginning of cataracts. Using meds for that. Poodles tend to lose their sight and teeth late in life. So we will be looking for another puppy. Not immediately.

      • puppymaster

        It’s definitely a sad time for your family when your pooches get older and start to go blind and lose their teeth. However they still know where their home is and have just as much love for you as they ever did. Best of luck with a new puppy when you are ready to take that step.

    3. maria lydick

      i would like moere info on teddy bear dogs for rescue

    4. Sue Brenner

      I currently have a five year old Shih Tzu. She lost her best friend about 18 months ago. I have been looking for a new best friend for her. Last weekend my son, who lives in Minnesota, sent me a picture of his new roommate. Max is a 10 week old Teddy Bear puppy. I had never heard of these cuties. So began my search. I live in New Mexico and I can’t find any puppies here or in CO. Can you help me locate a breeder in either state? My little one is so lonely and sleeps all day. I really need to find her a companion.

      • puppymaster

        Hi Sue, I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. How about you head to Spirit Mesa Toys in Albuquerque – they have some new Maltipoo puppies from the looks of it (Maltese cross poodle)!

    5. Linda Nevard

      I am looking for a teddy bear breeder on the east coast of Florida . Any recommendations

    6. Sadie Ripley

      My husband and I and 3 boys are in search of a teddy bear puppy (sichon, Zuchon). We have waited until now to look for a puppy as our boys are finally ready. We live in Grand Forks, North Dakota. We have tried a couple times to get in the waiting list for a batch of puppies in South Dakota but we haven’t had any luck. We would ideally be interested in a male puppy, who is exceptionally well with our children. Our oldest boy has some developmental delays and the puppy is ideally being sought after as a long-term companion for him. He is afraid of jumpy dogs but adores mild-mannered dogs who want to play fetch, go on walks, and snuggle. I am allergic to most dogs that shed so we have been very particular about the breed of dog.

    7. Desiree Young

      In December of this year, I want to add a gorgeous little dog to my home with the 2 little dogs I have now (a Shnorkie and a Maltese). Where in the Houston, Texas would one fine a Rescue Teddy Bear breeder? Thanks.

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