4 Benefits to feeding your cat homemade food

December 5, 2018

Cats can be adorable creatures, and it is hard to miss one or two in most homeowners who are cat lovers. Maintaining a cat is not as expensive as it is to maintain some pets, and when it comes to food, the perks of feeding your cat homemade food are just amazing. The following are four reasons why you should feed your cat homemade food;

Boosts energy

Everybody loves a playful pet, and sometimes you may begin to worry if all your cat does is sit around and sleep with no play. The kind of food you feed your cat will go a long way to determine its energy and activity levels. Homemade foods will help to increase activity in your cat when compared to other commercial foods because your cat will gain multiple nutrients in one meal. A cat that feeds on homemade food especially when raw is likely to be more active because they tend to have lower immune system inflammation risks as well as arthritis. Also, homemade foods tend to be rich in proteins and low in fats, which helps to boost metabolism, providing long-lasting energies.

Improved digestion

If you want to improve your cat’s digestion and its bowel movement, then you ought to feed her homemade foods instead of commercial ones. Your cat will be forced to gnaw while chewing on raw meat and bones, and this helps to activate its digestive tract, ready to receive the food. The fact that the digestive tract prepares to receive food makes it easy for the cat to digest food once it gets to the stomach. Homemade food also increases the number of nutrients your cat will absorb lowering the waste it will get rid of. If you love feeding your cat homemade foods, then take a look at http://www.felineliving.net/homemade-cat-food-recipes/ to see some of the best cat food recipes you can follow.

Better oral health

Cats also have oral hygiene, and the food they eat plays a huge role in determining whether their oral hygiene will be good or poor. An advantage that your cat will gain from eating homemade food is improved oral health, a benefit that it will not get from canned or other processed cat foods. Homemade foods will help to keep plaque and tartar away when your cat chews on it, especially when your cat feeds on raw foods and bones. Raw meat is usually packed with enzymes that are responsible for killing plague and tartar in the cat’s mouth.

Improved immune system

Homemade foods will definitely boost the immune system of your cat considering the fact that some of the meals you feed it are raw. While marketers and promoters may trick you into thinking that commercial foods have all the nutrients required for a strong immune system, this may not be the case. Homemade foods contain more nutrients that help to fight diseases and inflammation which usually weaken the immune system. Also, you have the privilege of alternating between cooked and raw food and this helps to balance the cons and pros from both dishes.

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