7 Of the Cheesiest Cat Puns You’ve Ever Heard

November 29, 2019

Cats are wonderful companions to have around your home. Apart from keeping mice away from ones home, these flurry creatures are therapeutic just by looking at them or cuddling their fluffy fur. Of late, there has been a lot of cute memes and puns all over social media. Currently, the famous one being of the angry woman and Smudge the Cat. Apart from that, there have been a lot of puns from cat lovers. If you are a cat fan, you’ll find most of the puns and jokes from Tuxedo-cat.co.uk to be hilarious. Of course, only if you have a sense of humor. Here are some of the best that will have you either growling or laughing your heart out.

  1. You are totally obsessed with cats, and it is getting out of control. It is too much for me. Does that mean you're kicking meowt?
  2. What do you call an image painted by a cat? A self-paw-trait.
  3. What do cats wear when they go to bed. Paw-jamas.
  4. What would you call a baby of a cat and vinegar? A sourpuss!
Cat puns can also be used in words to describe people and their behavior. Here are some interesting puns that are used to describe behavior and other human attributes.
  1. Meow-sician
This word has two possible meanings. It could be a human who has a liking for cat-themed music or a cat that has a connection with human-themed music. It is common to find such a cat since cats seem to like every other thing that humans like. It’s mainly because they spend most of their lives in human houses hence their affinity to human music.
  1. Paw-lease
This word depicts a cat-like way of saying please in an exaggerated form. Individuals with a cat-like attitude are very likely to bring out this pun in their conversations. You’ll in most cases find ladies or girls throwing their hand back, like a cat’s paw and arching their necks when expressing themselves in this manner. They are said to have a cat-attitude
  1. Cathletic
This word is a corruption of the word athletic. An athlete is supposed to be active and very fit. It is a person who exercises regularly and some compete in active sports. If applied to a cat, this word would mean completely the opposite. Cats are somewhat lazy animals that just sleep around in the house. Modern cats do not even make an attempt of going outside to hunt for food like little birds. They just wait for their owners to feed them. This word is usually applied to individuals who like to lazy around doing nothing in the house. It is for those who spend their days catching up on the latest movies and series on Netflix. They never exercise or even prepare food. They are prone to ordering junk food from food delivery services. It is this kind of people that are prone to lifestyle diseases and ailments due to their inactive or rather, lazy lifestyles.

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