How Often Should You Treat Your Dog for Fleas

August 13, 2019

Fleas present a year-round problem for dogs, and treating them for fleas should be done regularly to ensure they stay happy and healthy. The length between these treatments depends on the product used for treating them and therefore varies from treatment to treatment. There are various products available to treat fleas in dogs, such as collars, sprays, and tablets. This article will explain some of the different types and give you an idea of how often your dog should be treated.

How often you should treat your dog for fleas will depend upon the type of treatment. There are various times for each of the treatments. Flea collars should be changed about once every month, flea tablets should be given as often as the package states, and flea spot-on treatments should typically be performed about once a month. All of these are dependent upon the brand, so it is important to check the specific brand you are using for the treatment.

Flea Collars

Flea collars are one method of dealing with fleas for your dog. These collars release ingredients into your dog’s hair and skin, which kill fleas as they contact them. How often you should treat your dog depends on the brand of the collar, however, the maximum time you should use one of these collars is eight months. After this timeframe, you should purchase a new collar. Be sure to check the product and see how long it protects your dog.

Flea Tablets

Flea tablets are another method for treating your dog. This form of flea treatment also depends on the brand of tablets you choose. These tablets kill fleas as soon as they bite into the dog, so the dog can still be at risk for diseases carried by fleas. Also, it may be difficult to get some of the dogs to take the tablets. So for dogs who don't want to take the tablets, try to cover them with a treat or attempt another method of flea protection.

Flea Sprays/Shampoos

Flea shampoos are a great way of killing existing fleas, however, they do not offer future protection for your dog. Sprays can prevent fleas, but they often need to be applied anywhere from every few days to every few weeks. Also, it is very important to note sprays that you apply for yourself should not be applied to your pet. You must use sprays specifically designed for pets, as these are the only safe and effective sprays for keeping your dog flea free.

Flea Spot-On Treatments

A final form of flea protection for your dog is a spot-on treatment, which goes on the back of the neck of your dog, and typically prevents fleas for up to a month. This is a great product because it spreads through your dog’s hair and skin, which gives it the ability to kill fleas as soon as they make contact with your dog. Unlike other treatments, spot-on treatments kill fleas before your dog is bitten. A helpful exercise when deciding on treatment is to search for reviews of flea medicine for dogs, which will give you past customer insights on the various treatments. Once you've done this, you should have all the information you'll need to make an informed decision on what method of protection you'll use and how often you'll treat your dog for fleas.

In conclusion, how often you treat your dog for fleas depends on the product you use. Collars typically offer the longest-lasting protection and can keep your pet safe from fleas for up to eight months. Sprays are at the end of the spectrum, usually only keeping your dog protected for a few days to a few weeks at a time before requiring a fresh spray. Therefore, when figuring out how often to treat your dog for fleas, think about your various options and how long each of these options will keep your dog protected.

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