How to Maintain a Healthy Environment for Your Fur-Babies

February 21, 2019

Would you like to maintain a healthy environment for your canine friend? Your dog needs a safe environment. Therefore, you need to make a suitable environment while providing adequate protection from hazards. Whether it’s an entire room or a well-appointed crate, you can continue reading to learn how you can maintain a healthy environment for your fur-babies.

1. The Dog Room

It mustn’t necessarily be huge; in fact, most dogs prefer to have smaller spaces. Keep the space quiet, enclosed, and comfortable as this reminds the canines of their ancestral lairs. Additionally, limiting your furry friend’s access to other areas of your home prevents him from developing unwanted behaviors such as potty accidents, chewing, and barking

2. Safety First

After choosing an ideal doggy zone, make sure it's safe for your furry friend. If your pup is young, anxious, rambunctious, dog-proof his environment by doing the following:

  • Store food and cleaning materials in a separate room or in closed cabinets

  • Tape down all electrical codes or keep them hidden behind furniture

  • Put away clothing, shoes, kids’ toys, and other items you wouldn’t want the canine to play with while you’re away

  • Remove all trash cans or you can replace these with dog-proof options

  • Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, but don’t leave any space heaters dangerously lying in the dog zone

3. Creativity and Imagination

If you intend to set up a special or designated dog room for your furry friend, then you need to put on your creative cap. There are plenty of examples on the web. For instance, you can create a dog den under your stairs, transform an unused closet into a palace for your puppy, or create a luxurious crate using affordable DIY materials. Kayla Fratt from Canine Weekly says some dogs will choose to sleep inside their crates overnight or during the day even in instances when the crate door is left open.

4. Something to do

Dogs need as much mental exercise as much as they do physical exercise. Even if you’ll be away from, you should put in measures to challenge their mental capacities. Consequently, no dog zone will be complete without something to keep your furry friend busy. It is also recommended that you keep a ball or stuffed animal around.

5. Soothing Sights & Sounds

You may leave your television ON and tune it to the Animal Planet channel for your dog. While dogs are not capable of following TV show plot lines, light and color provide welcome doggy entertainment during the day.

Sound is yet another fantastic addition if you wish to create a doggy zone. Note that soothing nature sounds or classical music can help to calm your anxious dog. If you’ve got sensitive neighbors, you can use a sound machine to mask the noises your furry friend makes.


Of course, your canine friend needs nothing fancy. However, it is important that you create an environment that is safe for your dog. Also, make sure it is a comfortable place can hang out as he awaits your return. By following these tips, your dog will have a safe environment in your home.

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