How to Plan a Dog Breeding Business

October 7, 2020

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend and humans have been loving and living with our canine companions for thousands of years. Whilst we all love our own family pet unconditionally and would never swap them for another dog, there are certain breeds that fetch more money than others. Selectively raised pedigree breeds can sell for a huge amount of money and this has led more and more people into looking at the potential of opening their own dog breeding business.

It may be surprising, but starting out as a pedigree dog breeder is actually very easy. It just requires a little homework and the time and knowledge to take the right steps in the early stages. To help out all the dog lovers who are looking to move into the world of breeding here is how to plan a dog breeding business.

1. Source Pedigree Dogs for Breeding

All dogs are special, and it doesn’t matter if your family pet is the purest bred dog or an absolute mutt, every dog deserves love and a good home. In terms of starting a dog breeding business, however, there are certain breeds that are far more lucrative than others. The best dog breed will depend on your target customer but Doodle puppies for sale are sure to make you money as the trend these days is for cute, small breeds. You can not run a successful business that just offers any mixture of a dog as customers will be able to pick a mutt up for free from any of the shelters in your city. Find out the best breeds of dog which can make the most money and source some quality animals for breeding. Different places have 

2. Hire Experienced Staff

Breeding animals is difficult, even if you have a lot of experience as a dog owner. Make sure that you hire experienced staff for every area of your business; from the breeding program itself to looking after the new puppies, every employee should be knowledgeable and well trained. Remember that even if you are a master dog breeder, every new business has various other departments that need attention. If you don’t know anything about accounting or advertising, never assume your business will be successful just because you know how to breed pedigree dogs. You may also need insurance for businesses for extra assurance when handling your day-to-day operations and your staff. It is these things that you don’t know that can seriously harm your business so it’s best to research the suitable decisions to take in this matter.

3. Build Your Customer Base

Once you have all your breeding, staff, and facilities in place, in order to attract customers you will need to devise an effective marketing campaign. A quality website, innovative social media, and word of mouth testimonials are all excellent ways of attracting customers and facilitating sales. Speak to other people that you know in the industry and see how they go about promoting their business. Identify your target audience and advertise online and at dog shows and other places.

A successful dog breeding business can be extremely lucrative but it is a highly competitive industry. With top specimen dogs selling for many thousands of dollars, your business really needs to be at the top of its game to ensure that customers are happy and that the reputation of your breeding program is great. Follow the steps in this guide and you will be able to provide families everywhere with their very own canine companion. 

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