Teddy Bear Puppy Breeders Top 8 Tips

September 24, 2015

Black and White Teddy Bear Puppy

What you looking at little teddy bear doggy dude?

Teddy Bear Dog Breeders Tips

If you have been looking for a snuggly companion, teddy bear puppies are highly recommended. To get your small companion, you should visit your nearest teddy bear puppy breeders. Teddy bear dog breeders say they are sweet-tempered and smart thus are a perfect fit for everyone.

They are breed to be loving, hypo-allergenic and adorable; they started out as therapy dogs but are now kept as pets. In this article, we take a look at some facts about teddy bear puppies you should know as explained by different teddy bear dog breeders.

1. Hybrid Parentage

There are actually a few different types of teddy bear puppy breeds. They are often referred to as “designer dogs,” they are hybrids of two and sometimes more breeds. They are parented from bichon frises and Shih Tzus or bichon-poodle mixes although teddy bear puppy breeders keep on experimenting with different dog breeds to the gene pool.

Because of their sweet nature and small size, teddy bear puppies, are touted as the perfect pet irrespective of the size of your home.

2. Good for Allergic People

Teddy bear dogs are cuddly and soft, but they do not shed their hair but if they do, it’s very little. They are bred in such a way that they do not produce so much pet dander, a common allergen. While dander and hair vary from specific dog breeds depending on their ancestry, most teddy bear puppy breeders focus on producing dogs that are hypo-allergenic. If you tend to sneeze when around dogs, you should talk to an experienced dog breeder about finding one that you can live with.

3. Therapeutic History

Teddy bear dogs joined the canine world a few years ago, around the year 2000. At this time, they were used by handicapped children as therapy dogs. Unlike the stereotype small-dog temperament-yippy, hyper and sometimes anxious- teddy bear dogs have loving and mellow personalities that make them good companions. Once you interact with one, you will fall in love and living with a teddy bear dog enforces this feeling.

4. Smart Minds and Small Size

Due to their resemblance to teddy bears, teddy bear dog breeders ensure they the size of stuffed animals throughout their lives. An adult teddy bear dog will weigh between eight and sixteen pounds. Apart from the weight, the dogs resemble teddy bears with fluffy coats, big eyes, and short noses. To add to their cute appearance, teddy bear dogs tend to be smart, extremely affectionate and easy to train. They easily get along well with kids and other animals they interact with. To top it all, teddy bears are not one-person dogs and adore those they interact with equally. When left alone for extended periods, teddy bear dogs tend to become anxious.

5. Needs Lots of Exercise

While still young, teddy bear dogs tend to tire easily and will sleep a lot in the first months. As they grow and get bigger, they have a lot of energy and will require that you take them outside every day. The regular walks and runs outside make them healthy.

6.Training Needs

The teddy bear dogs are naturally intelligent and are always eager to learn and easy to please. According to most teddy bear dog breeders, teddy bear dogs are easy to train and do well at learning tricks and picking commands. However, like any small dog, they may be difficult to housebreak. To help them along the learning, you may use some praises and treats. See our section on training teddy bear puppies.

7. They are Needy

Teddy bear dogs are known to show so much dedication and love to those they regularly interact with. Teddy bears will want to spend every single second with you; they will want to play as long as they see you, and this may distract you when working on your home tasks.

8. Grooming Needs

Teddy bears are known to be low shedding with a fluffy and soft coat. The coat can either be clipped or kept long. To prevent their coat from becoming tangled and matted they need frequent grooming; a regular bath and daily brushing will do just fine.

Just like other dogs, they will also require basic grooming like ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail clipping.

Breeders Tips Video

This video explains a lot of things that responsible teddy bear breeders should be doing.

There are other facts about teddy bear dogs not discussed in this article, but all those discussed above are stated by most teddy bear puppy breeders thus should be put in mind before looking at any teddy bear puppies for sale.

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