Doga (dog yoga) poses to try with your pet pooch

Dog yoga, or “Doga” is quite popular at the moment so I thought I would compile some information on it. Maybe you’ll learn some great new poses to try out at home with your pooch!

November 20, 2017

Let’s start off with some foreign doga backed by a nice and peaceful soundtrack and assisted by an ever attentive chihuahua. This ought to get you in the mood…

A purpose of “doga” is to achieve a sense of harmony between owners and their dogs via massage and meditation. You might encounter chanting through the process – repetitive sounds that pets will understand and respond to.

There are a range of benefits of dog yoga for both dog and human. It will build trust, aid in stress relief and relaxation, teaches relaxation (which can be great for hyperactive dogs that jump unnecessarily for example) and improves circulation. And this goes for both human and pet!

Dogs practising doga with their masters will need to be trained well from an early age and learn to be submissive. Doga can also help with this training.

Dog yoga aims to synchronise owner and pet movements to achieve a fine state of balance. But really it’s all about combining your own enjoyment of yoga with the love you have for your pet.

Your dog(s) can get involved in one of two ways in doga. If your dog is especially well trained (as you saw in the video above) your dog might mimic your own yoga movements.

This will take time and patience. But you can also simply find poses where you use your dog as a prop while you undertake your yoga poses. The video below gives some examples of this. Both forms of doga can lead to some hilarious results, so have fun with it but remember yours and your dogs limits.