5 Tips For Potty Training Dogs

Dogs have long been man's best friend. Dogs have had unique bonds with people for hundreds of years. Their kinship and chemistry is something that is quite unlike our connections with other animals.

November 30, 2018

Caring for a dog is not always easy, however. They need constant attention. They also need lots of room to roam around in. This can be difficult for dog owners who live in apartment buildings or other domiciles where there isn't a lot of indoor or outdoor space.

A common problem that many dog owners face is potty training their dog. This training should start when they are young. It can take time and patience for the dog owner while their pet is mastering this skill.

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Here are five helpful tips to help potty train your dog:

1. Keep an eye and an ear out for them
Dogs can be rather noisy at times. Most pet owners get used to hearing them barking and running around the house every day. It's when the dog is quiet that their owners are concerned.

When potty training your dog, it's best to keep an eye and an ear out for them whenever possible. This can help prevent accidents or any trouble that they may make. Some dog owners use leashes or tethers to keep their dog close by.

2. Watch when they wander off

If your dog wanders off somewhere all of a sudden, this could be a sign that they have to go potty.

When you see your dog do this, guide them to the door so they can go outside in peace. Being proactive can cause fewer accidents in your home and make less mess for you to clean up.

3. Don’t punish your dog if they have an accident

Accidents happen to all of us. Dogs are no exception. If your dog has an accident, don’t punish them. Yelling at your dog or shaming them can make them anxious or nervous. They may be afraid to let you know when they have to go potty the next time. Be calm and patient with them at all times.

4. Let your dog outside on a regular schedule

Another effective way to get your dog in the habit of knowing when it’s time to go potty is by letting them outside on regular intervals. Letting them go outside every hour or two can reinforce the behavior.

The only problem is what to do with your dog at night. If your dog is an indoor dog, make sure they have gone potty outside before they go to bed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll never have an accident, but you’ve greatly reduced the risk of them doing so.

5. Praise your pup when they are successful
Complimenting your dog or giving them a treat after they have gone potty outside is reinforcing that behavior. Pets need praise just like humans do sometimes. It might look silly sometimes, but don’t worry about what other people may say or think. Your pup will learn from your actions.

These are just some simple tips to help improve your dog’s potty training experience. Talk to your veterinarian if you have any concerns, or if your dog has any difficulties relieving themselves.

Potty training your dog may not always be pleasant. There will be inevitable messes that happen at the least convenient times. However, after enough time and practice, they will know just what to do. It’s all part of their growth process, as they mature into a constant companion and true friend for you and your family.