Why Elk Antler Might Be the Suitable Supplement for Your Dog

July 25, 2020

A significant number of people in the world take vitamins and dietary supplements. With this increased number, they are giving their pets too. Elk Antler is one of the commonly used supplements for pets. These are the type of supplements harvested from elks before calcification and hardening at the velvet stage. After harvesting, the processing takes place by cooking and drying. The potential benefits of these supplements have gained popularity in the past years. This article gives you the reasons why these supplements are suitable for your dog.

Dental Health

Antler marrows are essential for your dog's dental health. It acts as a natural toothbrush. The chews also contain a nutritious and tasty component that dogs enjoy. When the dogs chew it, it acts as a toothbrush that cleans away any potential bacteria in the mouth, ensuring the teeth are clean and healthy. Finding elk antler supplements for pets is easy, as you can purchase from reputable dealers. If you can't seem to find a suitable supplier, ask friends and families for recommendations. Antlers are excellent gifts for dogs that enjoy chewing toys and other materials. However, it is crucial to supervise your dog as excessive chewing may result in broken teeth, which can be painful to dogs.


Elk antler supplements have proved to boost estrogen and testosterone levels in dogs. After shedding the last set, elk antlers begin to form. Elk antler is known as the tissue that grows faster than any other in the boy. Every single day, it develops an inch. This fact implies that within a few months, antlers form fully. Sometimes the particular animal gets into a fight, causing the antlers to fall off. Surprisingly, they are left undamaged. The level of testosterone in the antlers explains this occurrence. The same concept applies to dogs. Antler supplements also treat hormonal disorders in dogs. Lack of sufficient hormone secretion can result in multiple causes in dogs, destroying the body's tissue cells.


Everyone wants their dog to stay healthy and age gracefully. As dogs grow, they need supplements to support biological changes in various age groups. For puppies, you need to make sure they obtain the suitable supplements for cognitive development. On the other hand, a senior dog needs inflammation relief, a full restoration of body muscles and energy, and maintaining the general health of the body. Antler supplements enable faster growth of tissues in dogs. It helps fight bacteria responsible for causing stunted growth in dogs. The supplements also minimize the possible effects of aging from the time they are puppies. Proving your dog with these supplements is also essential to ensure it receives essentials required for a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Dogs Love Them

Most dog owners report giving antlers to dogs without having problems. We can't deny the fact that dogs love these supplements among many others. Naturally, dogs like to chew on anything they come across. For this reason, they always find fun in gnashing away the antlers. Antler chews are something that dogs can’t resist, making them excellent tools for dogs. Besides the health benefits, providing dogs with antler supplements is essential to keep the dogs entertained for many hours.

Providing dogs with elk antlers is one of the ways to support them through their lives. When selecting the supplements for your dogs, make sure you read through the instructions and guidelines to determine the best choice that meets your dog's needs. If you are not sure about the best option to pick, ask.

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