How to Find the Right Dog Breed For You

September 5, 2020

Are you in some way thinking of owning a pet? A cat, a bunny, or maybe you are thinking along the lines about having a dog? The majority of households own a dog, and that is no wonder since these canines are pretty much adorable to the bones. Owning a dog is very comforting because of the companionship a dog gives to you. Dogs are affectionate, amusing, and agreeable. They present loyalty, friendship, and they are stress relievers that can turn things around for the better. 

Choosing the right breed for you can be confusing, so here are some tips on how to land yourself with your next best friend. 

Personality Compatibility

Personality is one of the most important aspects of choosing your dog. It's essential to gauge and match your disposition with your future pet. For Example, if you are an introvert, try adopting or buying shy and timid ones, or you can also try working this around and get confident and playful breeds. Some dogs with these characteristics are poodles and golden retrievers. If you want to get yourself both, but you only have room for one, you can opt to have mixed breeds. There are a lot of options that you can choose from and places where you can get them. You can even buy dogs most online. Dog lovers would tend to recommend visiting because they sell Goldendoodles that are a mixed breed of golden retrievers and poodles. On the other hand, if you are a person who likes affection, then maybe you should contemplate with a loving and adoring doggy. 

Lifestyle Compatibility 

Your choice of lifestyle might heavily impact in selecting breeds. Carefully consider how slow or hectic your everyday life can be. Are you always at work? Are you always out of town? Then consider yourself with an independent dog that can do well on its own for periods. But if your way of living is relaxed and easygoing, then you can get a more laid back one. Reflecting on these may give you a more specific idea of what breed you choose.


The living environment is one of the most important things to consider for your pets. Consider your weather climate, are you on dry hot lands or wet and cold places? You also need to take account if your house and land space are semi or wide and if you have a yard or none? Also, you may very well consider your living status. Are you single and living alone? Do you have kids running around all over the place? Are there any family members allergic to dogs? All these things will have to be added to your dog selecting checklist. 

Finding the perfect dog that can fit your lifestyle, meet your personality, and can adapt to the same kind of environment you live in might seem challenging and difficult. However, some people would tend to look past these significant factors when a certain dog catches their attention. What is important is the bond that you will share and develop in the future. 

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