Common Misconceptions About Shelter Dogs

August 30, 2018


As if it weren’t bad enough that there are thousands of homeless dogs in shelters, most of us are hesitant to adopt shelter dogs because of certain misconceptions about them.

If you’re on the fence about whether to adopt your next pet from an animal shelter, please read on.

Dogs from Shelters aren’t Purebred

This is incorrect. Just because a dog is purebred doesn’t mean he won’t be abandoned. Shelters rescue both mixed and purebred dogs.

Dogs from Shelters are old

Again, this is incorrect. Shelters rescue any aged animal. Plus, one of the many benefits of adopting an adult dog is the ability to choose a pet who's past the "cute but troublesome" phase, but within the more lasting "well-behaved but still playful" stage. Pets at this life stage often come completely house-trained, and many centres now have programs to teach basic commands that address common behavioural problems both before and after they come home with you.

Dogs from Shelters are not in Good Health

Dogs in shelters undergo physical examination and are treated for any medical condition they may have. It’s also now common practice for shelters to provide you with a voucher for a subsidized or even a no-cost visit to a vet.

Dogs from Shelters are Free

Perhaps this may have been true years ago, but the reality is you have to pay to adopt an animal from a shelter. Adoption fees help keep the shelter open, cover the veterinary checkup the dog received, all their vaccinations and their spay or neuter procedure among other expenses.

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