Stop Your Dog Jumping Unnecessary

September 2, 2015

teddy bear doggy jumping Stop-Dog-from-Jumping

Jumping like a monkey seems like harmless fun but if your teddy bear dog jumps like a monkey inside, the consequences could be messy!

Stop your dog jumping like a monkey

Teaching your puppy the basics and enforcing them is something that you will need to work on right away! One thing you will need to attend to straight away is to stop your dog jumping as it can quickly turn into a pretty destructive habit if left uncontrolled.

One of the basics includes stopping your puppy from jumping up and down behaving like a monkey. It isn't entirely their fault for doing that - it is a very natural response for them to try to get attention. It is a survival skill learned in the wild, coupled with a playful lick to get mom to regurgitate her food during feeding time. The problem is, jumping can be very distracting and prove to be a dilemma later on. It is imperative to let your puppy know that jumping will certainly not work in attracting your attention, and no, you will not regurgitate your food for them! Your puppy might look unbearably cute when jumping at a small age, but it really isn't a good habit to allow to continue doing and it could end up causing some nasty scratching.

Here's a quick tip:

turn around and walk slowly away when you see your dog jumping. Don't do anything to encourage the behavior, meaning there should be no touching, speaking or eye contact. Don't forego the exercise and patiently wait for about 5 minutes or until your puppy has visibly calmed down, then call him or her out to you. Some puppies might get it and some may not. If your puppy doesn't then leave the room quietly, or put your dog in a different room or in their crate.

Even a small teddy bear dog can cause scratches by jumping up on people!

The Horrifying Situation: Don't Let Your Dog Jump On Visitors!

This embarrassing behavior should be straightened out using the same technique as above. You can also hold your puppy on a lead until they calm down. Let go as a reward, but if your puppy jumps up on you then it's best to isolate them again.

The Impatient Pup: Jumping Up Before A Walk!

The same rule applies as mentioned - Keep the leash out of sight and focus on calming your puppy down before a walk down the park. Wait for a good 5 minutes, then try it again. You might be in a hurry to go out, but remember that this practice is important and should be reinforced every time!

Some Important Guidelines:

  • Do not verbalize! You are just encouraging your puppy to jump more because they see that jumping gets your full attention. Stay calm and don't say a word.
  • Though cute, a puppy jumping up and invading your space is not a display of affection for them!
  • You may not know it, but space is very important for dogs too. When they see that they can invade yours anytime, your puppy will lose respect for you.
  • Continue as if nothing has happened. Cuddle and play when your dog has finally calmed down.
  • The act of ignoring should be to walk past your puppy with 100% assertiveness and confidence while crossing your arms.

Beware Of These 2 Common Errors!

  • Consistency is king. Don't give in, no matter how cute they look jumping up and down!
  • Avoid eye contact, because your puppy will think it is OK to come over.
  • It will be very helpful if your dog is trained to "sit" on command. Having them sit as their default stance saves you the trouble of having them come running and jumping when you call for them!

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