4 Reasons Why You Should Leash Your Dog When Going Out

July 13, 2020

Dogs are naturally playful and adventurous, almost every puppy will jump up and down when they hear the word “walk”. Going to the park might be one thing that they look forward to every day, but it can also be a potential risk for them. There are lots of talks now about keeping your dog leashed or unleashed, and if you’re in favor of it or not. That's why It is worth reading these four reasons why you should keep them leashed. 

To Follow Law and Common Etiquette 

First and foremost, common etiquette and law is the first reason to leash your dog. Most people like dogs, but we still need to consider the few who can’t be near them like people with allergies to fur or have a fear of dogs. Also, in most places, it is required to leash your dog all the time. It is best if you will be considerate of other people and just unleash your dog in a safe place where it is fenced or in the own premise of your home. 

To Prevent the Spread of Illness

Dogs like to interact with other dogs, but some of them can end up with “rough” playing. You may have a nice and gentle dog but not all people do. Also, some dogs aren’t vaccinated or can be carrying underlying disease, you can prevent your dog from getting sick by controlling who they interact with. Small or big dogs should always be leashed on. If you are hesitant to put your dog on a leash, there are different types of leashes that will be suitable for any pets. There’s a rope dog leash that has a soft feel but will be also strong enough to keep control of your dog. By leashing your dog, you are ensuring not only your dog's health but also everyone's. 

To Keep Them Clean

We all know how our dogs can be adventurous and cheeky when we are outside. One moment they are walking with you and the next time you’ll see them running and jumping in mud. To keep them clean and dry, you should leash them when going out for walks. It will save you so much time for bathing and drying them.

To Prevent Losing Them

When dogs get happy, anxious, or scared their first response is to run away. Many times if they are not familiar with the place, they tend to disobey or won’t listen to any of your commands. It is in your dog's best interest to leash them and make yourself in control of all of their movements. Dogs can go and wander a long distance for a short period. You can prevent losing your pet and avoid any unwanted accidents that might happen when they are on the loose. Moreover, a dog without a leash might be mistaken as a stray dog and get picked up by a stranger or authorities. 

If you think leashes are painful for your dogs, unfashionable, and expensive, there are lots of types and designs that you can choose from. As a responsible pet parent, you should be in charge of keeping your dog, yourself, and other people safe from any unforeseen circumstances that will arise when your dog is unleashed. If you don’t have one yet, you can go ahead and do your leash shopping now.

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