5 Tips to brushing your dog’s hair

December 22, 2018

Dogs require regular grooming to ensure that they stay clean and healthy. This is because brushing removes excess dirt and reduces the appearance of parasites. However, the type of brush you use will depend on your dog's coat and how frequently you brush. Here are 5 tips for brushing your dog that you can use.

Brushing your Poodle's hair!

Choose the right product

You need the right tools to ensure that your dog's coat is well brushed. Tools such as brushes need to have smooth bristles without causing any scratches and other injuries. Since there are different types of combs and brushes available on the market, you need to get the best.

One brush that is recommended for most dog owners is the Furminator for proper grooming of your dog. Buy a soft bristled brush that would be ideal for any type of hair that does not hurt your dog, even if you apply some force during brushing.

Check the length as well as the space between the bristles. A longer hair coat will need a widely spaced brush with longer bristles. If the hair is coarse, then go for a brush with stiff bristles. Wire brushes are good for dogs with medium to long hair, curly or woolly coats.

Brush the right way

When brushing you need to check how you do it by using the right technique. If your dog has long and thick-hair, brush towards the body of the dog to make it easier to detangle any hair. For short-haired dogs, like Labradors gently brush the animal a few times in the direction of their hair growth, to detangle. Alternatively, you can use a spray or coat conditioner to detangle.

Afterward, brush against the hair growth and massage thoroughly. This helps to remove the dead skin cells and at the same time activates blood circulation.

For medium hair, you first need to detangle any knots before brushing. Brush the same way with short-haired dogs following the direction of hair growth / against hair growth / in direction of hair growth etc. Always check to make sure that the comb or brush does not have any sharp tips or edges that could hurt your dog.

Tips for brushing your dog's hair

Be careful when you get to the face

When you get to the face, especially for a dog with lots of hair on the face, you need to be extra careful. First, carefully trim the face, mostly from the open ear to the eye before brushing, then start with the head and then proceed to other parts of the body.

Brush your dog regularly

For your dog to look good you need to brush him frequently, especially if he has long hair or fur. Brushing your dog's hair regularly will help remove dead hair and skin cells. It’s also great for aesthetics.

Motivate your dog

For you to enjoy brushing your dog you can try and reward your dog. Prepare a light serving of your dog’s favorite snacks while brushing so that they reduce on movement. This will enable you to brush them much faster.

Whether you are using a comb or brush you need to ensure that you take into consideration your dog’s skin, especially if they have a delicate skin. Choose the right tools and brushing technique for the best result.

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