6 Reasons Why Westies Are The Perfect Besties

October 18, 2019

When you're searching for a new dog, you have to research some of the right traits each breed has to offer, and it depends on what you want or need from your future companion. Ask yourself, do you need it for protection, or for being there to make your life a lot better? Most people suggest that west highland white terriers or Westies are one of the best breeds you could go for, and here are some of the reasons why this beautiful pup is so popular.

All About a Westie

These fluffy balls of fun are commonly known as Westies, and they are small, cute, lovable, energetic, and playful furballs of fun that can be nice to everyone in your house. The history of white terriers goes back to 1908 when they were first recognized by the American Kennel Club; they’re known for having an independent spirit and friendly personality towards kids and adults alike. It's one of the best breeds you could ask for that fits appropriately for every household. Here’s why Westies can be considered the perfect besties:

1- They Are Great With Kids

Because of their cute and cuddly nature, kids aren’t afraid or uncomfortable around these lovely westie dogs. You can easily read up on how, with proper training, they could be great guardians for children. They love making everyone laugh with their silly shenanigans, and it's cute to watch them together with your kids because they can be the perfect partners in crime for naughty children and strong friends that no one can come between.

2- Bath Time For Them Is The Funniest

For most pet owners, having a bath can be such a time-consuming hassle, but it's a whole different story with these lovable puppies. They actually enjoy the water and can play with different rubber toys to keep them occupied. And they look hilarious when they're wet; it's extremely funny, and it's sure to make you laugh and take hundreds of pictures. They love baths, and it can be so therapeutic watching them play and bathe; you might even have trouble getting them out of the water!

3- Extremely Photogenic

There is something about these dogs with cameras that we simply adore; they always love to strike a pose when it's time for a picture. They're super cute when they start tilting their head to the side. Your pictures would be perfect because of their sweet little faces. It's amazing how well you could pull off different hats and little doggie outfits, looking dapper and always ready to dress for any occasion.

4- Very Friendly and Sociable

These little guys can be quite curious when it comes to new people, like any dog, they tend to be super protective, but they are outgoing characters that love socializing with new people. So don't be afraid if you ever visited a friend's house with a couple of these cute dogs running around, you're going to find some curious playful reactions towards you from the little rascals.

5- Very Agile For Their Size

You' be surprised just how well these little guys could run and change their directions quickly; you might be lucky and catch some impressive airtime when they jump around. They were originally bred to compete in different dog shows after all, so it's in their blood to be natural performers. And it looks adorable and funny when they do little tricks for you; they appreciate a cheering crowd, and it can motivate them to do more.

6- Very Intelligent

One of the reasons why you connect quicker with them is not just because of their cuteness, okay maybe it is a huge reason, but it's also because of how smart they are. They're not difficult to train, and you can have a long conversation with them where it would seem that they understand somehow. The connection you make with these beautiful majestic creatures are so strong that they can feel when you're happy, scared, and upset, so you can rest assured knowing they will be there for you every step of the way to cheer you up. Choosing the right furry companion isn't as easy as you expect; certain aspects of a puppy's traits and looks can influence your decision, and you need to make a choice that suits your needs and preferences when it comes to your future pet. Overall, you will know which one is right for you when you catch a glimpse that special dog and you just know deep down that this westie is the perfect little friend for you.

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