Adopt Don’t Shop: What You Need to Know About Adopting your Next Pet

July 9, 2019

Many people who want to add a pet to their family often look to buy one. Adoption isn’t generally considered a first option when it comes to getting a pet. However, there are many benefits that come with adopting a pet rather than buying one.

One of the best things about adoption is that you can easily take in more than one pet at a time. This is because adoption is cheaper and you are more likely to find an array of cute animals that you wish to adopt. However, you still need to adhere to local regulations regarding the number of pets you can adopt. For instance, according to Fuzzy Rescue, you will need a permit to keep more than two dogs in Brisbane, Queensland. In New South Wales, the rules are a bit more lax and you can keep as many canines as you please.

Reasons to Adopt a Pet...

1. Save a Life

Most pets in animal rescue centres face a serious threat to their lives. Often, centres that are overwhelmed with animals tend to euthanize them in a bid to create space for more. When you adopt a pet, you are essentially ensuring that they will not die due to overpopulation. Secondly, adopting pets helps kill the puppy mill industry. Basically, puppy mills are institutions that are dedicated to breeding animals for commercial reasons. Often, the breeding animals are kept in terrible conditions and forced to reproduce at an unnatural pace.

2. It’s Cheaper to Adopt

Adopting pets is considerably cheaper than buying them. This is not only because adoption fees are generally low, but also because you won’t have to incur certain other expenses. For instance, many animals get micro- chipped and vaccinated at the adoption centres, so this is a cost you won’t have to bear.

3. Wide Variety

Another reason why you should adopt rather than shop is that you will get virtually every kind of pet from adoption centers. It’s nearly impossible not to find a pet that’s perfect for you in adoption centres.

What You Need to Know About Adopting Your Next Pet

  • It’s a Big Commitment

    One cannot overemphasize just how big a commitment it is to adopt a pet. Before you head out to the rescue center, make sure that you have both the time and resources to add a new member into your family.

    If you are going through changes in your life, say a new job or promotion, it may be better to wait until things have settled down before you adopt a pet.

  • It Goes Beyond Looks

    Pets are cute. Animals in rescue centres will undoubtedly be cuddly and adorable. But you need to go beyond looks when choosing a pet to adopt. It is important to know whether the pet’s personality is compatible with your own.

    You don’t want to take on a demanding and playful pet when what you really want is something to cuddle with while watching TV. Ask the adoption assistants about the personality of your prospective pet before you settle on it. You will be grateful you did.

  • You Will Need to Make Adjustments

    Finally, you must be ready to make certain adjustments in your home. You’ll need to get rid of small items that your pet can swallow or plants that are dangerous to them. You also need to buy certain items such as beds, toys, food and even collars.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy or adopt a pet, go the adoption way. Not only will you save a life, but it will also save you some money. Before you decide to get a pet, make sure that you are ready for the commitment. It will go a long way in ensuring that your pet gets a comfortable home.

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