Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Puppy at Home

September 11, 2019

Having a puppy at home is like having your own little bundle of joy. They fill up the house with warmth, love and a whole lot of mess. So, if you’re thinking of welcoming a puppy into your home, here are a few things to consider to help you make a decision:

Puppies can be a whole lot of fun

Having a furry ball around will always be exciting. Especially when they’re so young, energetic and eager for love and attention. But before you start looking at Puppies for Sale, try to digest what it means to have a puppy at home. You’ll have a little being always running around the house, wanting you to get off the couch and play and will require a whole lot of energy as well as responsibility. But, at least you’ll be welcoming a new entertaining family member into your life and heart.

Puppies are loyal

They know you take care of them and so you become their number one priority in life – that’s after annoying the cat and digging holes in the garden, of course. But the amount of love and affection a puppy provides is immeasurable. They will come lay beside your feet, give you cuddles when you’re feeling down and welcome you at the doorway like you are Santa bearing gifts. Not only that, but they will vouch to protect you no matter what and will always scare away people or any other source they view as dangerous.

Puppies offer companionship

Dogs are friends for life- at least their lifespan anyway. They accompany you on walks, whenever you’re feeling lonely, or if you want to go out for a run, you can always be sure you’ll have a friend to accompany you. You’ll always be greeted with so much love at home and there will be someone to keep you company on both your good days, bad days or the days you just feel like chilling on the couch.

While having a puppy will fill up your life, your home as well as your heart with joy, they do come with their own set of baggage and before you make a long-term commitment, it is important to make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re about to take on.

Puppies are a huge responsibility

You need to understand that having a pet is a huge responsibility. It can be great, yes, but it also requires you to feed, bathe, walk and always be there to take care of them. If you just want a puppy because it’s cute, but expect it to take care of itself, then please think twice before getting something you can’t handle and having to return it to a shelter or even causing harm to the puppy due to your carelessness. It is essential to understand that a puppy is not a toy and cannot be treated like it doesn’t have feelings. If you’re willing to make the commitment, you need to be willing to go the extra mile to take this puppy under your wing for better or for worse.

Puppies are expensive

Make sure you do the maths accurately before you buy a puppy on a whim as they will require part of your paycheck to go to their upbringing. You’ll need to spend money on food, toys, grooming tools and regular visits to the vet. If your puppy falls sick, you will be the one to take care of them not online physically, but financially too. So, make sure you can afford it before you make the decision.

Puppies are messy

They can’t help it. They have so much energy that they run around carelessly, breaking expensive items, making a mess and leaving their hair everywhere they go. They’ll even ruin most of your most valuable, or most loved items, transforming anything within their reach to total destruction. Forget about leaving your favorite shoes out, because they’ll be chewed away and your couch will be either covered in hair or with chewed angles making your whole house feel like it needs a makeover. However, if you will be willing to train them properly, this can be slightly tolerated and improved.

No personal space

Forget about personal space when a dog is around. They’ll have so much affection for you that they will follow you around everywhere you go, lick your face for attention, lay on top of your feet and even crawl into your bed while you’re sleeping. And if you think of having your partner over, they’ll be jealous enough to be glued to you even more.

Holiday planning

It is also worth mentioning that planning a holiday won’t be as easy as it used to be. It’s not always easy to take your dog with you as not everyone or every place is dog-friendly. However, leaving your dog alone will require you to make sure someone safe and reliable is willing to dog-sit and keep your puppy company until you’re back. That doesn’t mean your little fella won’t be affected, because you are their best-friend.

Dogs need a home

It is also important to think about your dog as a family member and not as some sort of animal. If you’re not willing to keep the dog with you indoors when the weather gets cold or be willing to come home early and spend time with your puppy, then maybe it’s not such a good idea to buy a dog.

A dog isn’t just an item you purchase, but it needs time, love, money, effort and a whole lot of affection. So before bringing a new family member into your life, make sure you’re willing to give them the love and attention they deserve.

Having a dog can completely transform your life, give it purpose and fill your heart with warmth. However, it is essential to understand that it is a difficult task that requires a lot of hard work, too. Make sure that you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into, before giving the dog hope and breaking their hearts by having to take it away.

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