Are Goldendoodles Good with Cats?

May 18, 2018

Any pet owner will readily agree that it’s an absolute necessity for their pets to get along with one another. Imagine if this weren’t the case. Your house would be a total mess! Your pets have to get along not just for their sakes but also for your sanity. Prospective buyers always take this into consideration. Some would even say this is a deal breaker.

With that in mind, you need to find a dog with a low prey drive. Prey drive refers to the inclination of a carnivore to find, pursue, and capture prey. Owing to its Golden Retriever parent, the Goldendoodle is one such dog. It is a very social dog that thrives in the presence of people and other animals. It will happily play and romp with its human companion as much as it would with its fellow pets. However, it’s always a good rule to begin socializing and training your Goldendoodle (or any new pet dog for that matter) while it’s still a puppy so it can adapt to living with other animals.

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