Complete Guide to Care for a New Pup

April 15, 2019

Getting a Dog

There's no doubt that dogs are a man's best friend. And if you finally took the decision of bringing a puppy home, there are few things that you should know. Having a dog is much more than getting a food bowl and an afternoon walk, especially if you got a puppy. It’s a lot of responsibilities that will change your daily routine. If you’re up to that change and you’re ready to get a new pup, here’s a guide that will help you take care of it.

How to Take Care of Your New Pup

Once you get a puppy, the first thing you should do is visit a vet. If you don’t know any vets around you, you can ask family or friends who already have pets for their recommendations. It's essential to go once you get your new friend to ensure that it doesn’t have any health issues. The vet will not only examine your pup but will also inform you about all the vaccination it might need and how to prevent parasites.


Buying a good quality food for your dog can have a significant influence on its health. When shopping for food don't just get any kind of food. You should look for the types that fit your puppy's age and size. The food type differs from puppies to adult dogs and from small breeds to big ones. So make sure that you get the one that will be healthier for it. Also, the amount and how many times of food you provide for your pup will change as it grows. To guarantee that the new family member has enough food you could ask your vet about it.


Your top priority once you get a puppy would be to housetrain it. If your pup still didn’t get all its vaccination, it wouldn’t be recommended to let them outside. So for the first few weeks, you will probably be cleaning a lot. It's better if you can place it in a place where it's easy to be cleaned. Once your pup had its vaccinations, you should start knowing when you should let it out. Patience and reinforcements are the main factors that will help you pass this stage.

Toys and Other Essentials

Food is not the only thing that you will be buying for your dog. You will need toys, treats, and a harness or a collar. If you are going to leave your dog for more than 6 hours, then it’s recommended to get a lot of toys that they can enjoy. Getting your puppy toys will help them enjoy their time while you’re at work.

Getting a harness or a collar for your dog will depend on their breed. Harnesses are perfect for big dogs because it lets you have more control when you’re walking with them. The best harness for big dogs are the ones that allow you to adjust the length and size, so you don't need to change it as your pup grows. If your dog is from a small breed, then a collar would be fine, but if you're not able to control him/her while walking, then a harness would be a better option for you.

Treats are the key to train your dog. A lot of people don’t use treats while training. However, using it will have faster and better results. You can use treats as reinforcements instead of punishing when they don’t obey.

Bonding With Your Puppy

It is a huge responsibility to get a new dog. It needs a lot of time, effort, and dedication to bond with your new pup. With the correct training and care, you will be able to see the amazing experience of owning a dog. You should always free time to walk with your dog at least twice a day. This will make him/her friendly with people, kids, and other animals.

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