How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

May 21, 2018

It used to be that only purebred puppies and dogs commanded a pretty penny. Though a lot of people still have this impression, it’s no longer the case. A new player has arrived in dog town. Well, relatively new. Designer dogs have now joined the mix (pun intended) of expensive pets. A designer dog can now easily fetch the same hefty price as a purebred.

Behind the success of any designer dog is, you guessed it, a successful breeder. And breeding done right is expensive. Though the Goldendoodle’s runaway success is mainly due to the ideal combination of its parent’s traits, a professional breeder took great care in ensuring that the breeding stock is free of certain health conditions.

Unfortunately, an expensive Goldendoodle doesn’t necessarily mean it is well bred. There are indiscriminate breeders who charge very high prices for dogs but did not test their breeding stock. Barring that, the price depends on how well and carefully the puppy is bred and raised. It can range from a low of 2500 AUD to a high of 3500 AUD or even higher

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