How to Entertain Your Pet Cat During Rainy Days

December 5, 2019

If you have a pet, then you know it’s pretty much like having a child. You have to ensure that they’re well-fed, get plenty of affection, and most importantly, a ton of entertainment. And this is more so relevant when the weather is less than pleasant outside and you and your pet are stuck at home together, waiting for the rain to go away. It’s important that you know how to entertain your pet on a rainy day so that you don’t risk them falling into a depression. This is why we’re going to give you a couple of tips on how to entertain your pet on a rainy day.


There are so many different kinds of toys available for your pets that are bound to keep them entertained when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day. If you have a cat, then there are plenty of ways to keep them playing for hours without worrying about them getting bored. The same goes for if you have a dog. There are a ton of toys that could keep your pets distracted, and many of them they can play with themselves, or you could join in and help them have a great time. 


We know we have to have a resting spot for our pets, but don’t forget to create a play area too, just like you do for a baby! This can be a small, gated area where you put all kinds of toys, and you can even invest in a small playhouse for them and fill it will all kinds of exciting things like balls or chew toys and so on. If you have them understand from the time they join the family and come home, that this spot is for this specific purpose, they’ll understand that this is the place they can go to play. This is a particularly great idea if you have kids too, and especially for those rainy days where you’re stuck at home and don’t want to risk your pet getting too bored.


There are a lot of ways in which you can entertain your pet using their treats. When you tease them with treats not only do they get excited and have fun, but they also feel rewarded when they get to eat the treats. You can hide the treats in different places and they can have a furry treasure hunt, or you could even take it a step further and get a couple of cups and hide one treat under one of them and mess around with them! There are even toys these days that have treats inside them! 


You’ll be surprised and also happy to know that you can actually get your pets to watch TV! This is a great option for when you’ve tired yourself completely from playing with them and just want to sit back and relax, but still, keep them entertained. There are actually videos that you can get online that are specifically made for pets so that they can sit and watch and really get into the visuals! Pets love to watch other animals and find it very interesting, so either look up a couple of videos that are made specifically for your pets to watch, or you can switch on the TV and put on animal planet. Cartoons are also a good idea because there’s plenty of movement which is mesmerizing for them. 


You’ll find that your pets will actually have a great time if you give them a spot with a huge window and a view of the world outside. If it’s raining then watching the rain for a while is something that they’ll really like. It’s always a good idea for your pet to have their own corner set up by a window so that they don’t feel like they’re trapped inside. By having access to the outside world visually, they can still have a sense of freedom and relax at home on those rainy days at the same time!

There are plenty of ways to keep your pet entertained on a rainy day, you just need to mix it up a bit by using the suggestions we’ve provided here. Pets tend to lose interest quickly so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of options ready on these gloomy days so that they don’t fall into a depression or get bored. So make sure that you’re always prepared for this kind of day!


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