Puppy Proofing Your Home

January 10, 2020

Having a puppy at home sounds like an incredible idea. They are a great stress reliever and an amazing companion to have. They are also one of the most loyal animals known to man, so you’ll be sure to have a buddy for life. But are you ready to have a puppy in your home?

While it sounds like a piece of cake, there are many factors to consider before you decide to get yourself a puppy on a whim. People in the US take pride in the services provided for their pets on a professional basis. Pet owners who live in Georgia, for example, know to turn to the expert advice of Georgia Puppies Online, who clarify that it’s important to take into consideration factors such as whether or not you have children or other pets in the house, how active you are and how much spare time you have to dedicate to your new puppy. You also need to consider other factors to make sure that your home is ready to have a furry friend around at all times. You’d be surprised by the little things that wouldn’t have even crossed your mind that are needed to make your home puppy ready.

Here are a few tips for puppy-proofing your home.

Keep Your Cords Out of Reach

A wire dangling out of the wall can seem like a super exciting toy for a puppy , but when plugged into electricity and interacting with the saliva inside a puppy’s mouth, it can be a dangerous hazard. That’s why it is important to keep all cords out of reach or covered to prevent the electric shocks from harming your furry companion.

Make Sure Your Medicines are Stored Safely

Most ingredients found in a humans’ medicine is not only dangerous when consumed by a puppy, but also poisonous, especially when taken in large doses. That’s why it is essential to safely store away your medicines in a place where you’re sure your puppy won’t be able to reach.

Avoid Feeding Them Your Food

Foods like chocolate, fish, raisins, and sugarless gum can also contain poisonous elements for dogs and can be quite harmful to them. To avoid any health hazards, you should always avoid feeding dogs from the food on your table no matter how cute their puppy faces are when begging for some.

Keep Your Toilet Seat Down

In order to prevent your dog from drinking the water in your toilet, or even possibly drowning in it, it is always advisable to keep your toilet seat down and toilet door closed.

Check Your Plants

Not all plants are pet-friendly due to the chemicals or pesticides that could have been used to help with their growth. Other plants could cause digestive problems or even organ failure to your puppy, so check whether your plant is safe for your pet or not beforehand.

Wrap Your Trash Bags Well

Your trash can contain harmful items for your dog and can even lead to suffocation in some cases. That’s why you should always use trash cans or make sure that you wrap your garbage bags to keep your dog from meddling with them.

Before you decide to add a new furry member to your family, you need to ensure that your home is ready for them. With these simple tips, your house will become a safe environment. You’ll be able to avoid many safety hazards and guarantee that your home is puppy-proofed.

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