Is It Possible To Buy A Chew Proof Crate Pad

December 2, 2020

You will need to use a crate to manage your pet, such as when you are away, when busy or at night. To make your pet crate comfortable, you should use a crate pad. Unfortunately, dogs tend to chew on a crate pad, especially when they are bored or when suffering from separation anxiety. And so you may wonder, is it possible to buy a chew proof crate pad? Yes, it is possible. In fact, there are different varieties of chew proof crate pads in the market. That’s why you should usea buying guide on chew proof crate pad from a trustworthy site to decide on which to buy.

Make sure you get the information about the chew proof crate pads from a reliable site.

Here is why it is possible to buy a chew proof crate pad.

There Are Many Available

There are so many types of chew proof crate pads such that you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose the brand and type that meets your needs. For instance, you can select based on size such that if you have a large dog, you should buy a large crate pad.

Are Made Using Chew Proof Material

The chew-proof crate pads are made using chew-proof materials. That way, even if your pet chews on the pad, as they usually do, the material is not damaged. Various types of tough and durable materials are used that include canvas, poly-fiber, ballistic nylon, or Cordura.

For instance, the MidWest Quiet Time dog crate mat is made of poly-fiber, both the cushion and cover. This makes it chew proof, and your pet can use it longer without damaging.

High-quality chew proof crate pads are made using a ripstop ballistic cover, which makes it difficult for the pets to tear or create holes on the fabric.

They Are Well-Sewn

A chew proof crate pad is well-sewn with reinforced seams. One trick that pets use when they realize they can’t chew on the crate pad fabric is to go for the seams. They make holes on the seams from where they start to chew the crate pad.

To make sure the crate pad is chew proof, check the seams. Make sure they are double stitched. When buying, check for the label indicating reinforced seams, and you will be assured you are buying a chew proof crate pad.

Check for Hidden Zippers

Machine washable crate pads have zippers to allow for the removal of the mattress during a wash cycle. Chewers look for zippers from where they can start chewing. A chew proof crate pad will have no zippers or have them hidden. This way, the pet cannot target the zippers to start chewing the crate pad.

The Right Size

A right crate pad is the one that fits in the crate. This way, the pet doesn’t pick at the corners and start chewing. When choosing, go for a crate pad that will fit your crate since they come in different sizes.

So, it is possible to buy a chew proof crate pad. The good thing is that there are many in the market; they are made using chew-proof materials, are well-sewn, have hidden or no zippers and come in different sizes. All this is to make the crate pads chew proof and to ensure your pet uses it longer.

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