Making Your Furry Friends Fit and Healthy with These Tips

November 5, 2019

All pet owners agree that our animals are family, and we ought to treat them as well as we treat our children. Your furry friends require as much attention to their health as a human, and we want to make sure that they are cared for with love and affection and have a balanced diet and a healthy routine to thrive. Whether you already have a fluffy addition to your family or hope to adopt one in the near future, it’s imperative you do your research when it comes to their needs and wants.

So here are the necessary requirements to establish a healthy life for your pet!

A Healthy Diet

Naturally, this should be your first and top priority. You should be certain that your pet gets all the necessary nutrients in their food since this is vital for their health and growth. As your pet grows the diet will change according to its age. Dogs, especially, are a huge responsibility as their nutrition helps them develop at each stage of their life. It’s imperative you know what is going into their bodies and supply them with fresh dog food to maintain a balanced diet. Dogs require a certain quantity of food depending on the breed, and it’s important to discover whether your pet is suited to dry or mixed with food. Clean and fresh water should be available to your pet, and it is your duty to understand how much they require depending on their size. Cats can be supplied with a mixture of wet and dry food; however, meat is obligatory. Vegetarian diets are not beneficial for their development!


Dogs need a lot of exercise to remain fit and stimulated. You’ll find that lack of exercise can make your dog restless and in need of regular walks and play dates. Unlike cats, dogs do not limit themselves with food as they don’t know when to stop eating, so it is your responsibility to maintain the required weight and keep them healthy. Find out how much exercise is appropriate for your dog based on their breed. For some breeds, an hour-long walk is compulsory; for others, 20 minutes a day should suffice. Cats differ as their fitness routine entails a lot of playing, which can be accomplished indoors. String, scratch poles, and laser pointers are a prerequisite for stimulation. Remember, your pet’s fitness plays a huge factor in their health and help them avoid certain health risks down the line.


Cats self-clean, so they consume less time in the grooming department. You can help by brushing their fur, especially if they are long-haired breeds that shed a lot in certain seasons. Dogs, on the other hand, demand a lot more attention when it comes to grooming. Make a schedule for your dog’s bath days; you should know that certain breeds need to have a bath more frequently than others. They also need to be happy and comfortable with grooming as this will be a frequent occurrence, whether you choose to groom them yourself or have a professional tend to them.

Clearly, it is vital that, as responsible pet owners, we do our part in order to make our pets as happy and comfortable as possible. However, visit your vet! Regular checkups will help you maintain your pets’ health.

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