How to Give a Proper Send-Off to Your Beloved Dog

July 13, 2020

Losing a dog can be devastating, especially when you were attached to it emotionally. No one likes losing something or someone they love, but we all have to face such circumstances once in a while. Now, what do you do when you lose your dog? Of course, you will be emotional, but you also need to make plans to send off your pet. In this article, we'll discuss the ways to go about it, putting into consideration you will want to cremate it, as most individuals prefer this kind of send-off:


Most people prefer cremating their dogs after they have passed away and probably keep their ashes for remembrance. How do you go about this cremation? Here, you can find some of the best things to consider before cremating your dog. You can decide to cremate your dog at home or hire services from professionals who can do it for a fee. Some cremation centers will offer to give you back the ashes and other additional services according to your request. Cremation is not only cheap but provides an easy way to send off your beloved dog. 

Dealing with the Ashes

After you are done with the cremation process, the service company will provide you with the pet’s ashes, as per your request. What next? With these ashes, you can choose to keep them in a special place in your house or have them in an enclosed container to remember your pet. You can also get personalized pet memorials for your dog, whereby you can keep the ashes together with the portraits. Having these beautiful portraits will make you never forget your dog and will remind you of the memories you had before its demise. 

Conduct a funeral ceremony

It does not sound weird to conduct a funeral service for your dog. It's only you who know its value, and of course, you can go the extra mile to make it happen. But how do you go about it? After having the ashes and the portraits, you can easily hold a funeral for your pet to celebrate its life.

There are no rules to be followed in this ceremony and can be done at home or at any other meeting place. By searching over the internet, you can easily find ways and details on how you can conduct your pet’s funeral. A simple dog's funeral can be performed by inviting family and friends, lighting candles, reading poems and music, and sharing memories of the lost dog. You can also share pictures and play videos to the people in attendance, which will help you ease the pain

Accepting the demise of your favorite dog may take longer than expected. But with the above tips, you can overcome this as quickly as possible while keeping its memories. If you feel emotional, talk to people you love and share ideas on how you can be helped. By talking to people about your pet, the pain will ease, and you will reach a more comfortable phase where you can move on with your life. This article has provided essential tips and suggestions you can consider to give your dog a proper send-off.

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