Pamper Your Sweet Little Kitties with These Tips

January 30, 2020

Cuddling your sweet kitten is enough to take you on cloud nine. Nothing beats the fuzzy, warm feeling you get when you spend time playing with these cute creatures. From their lovable antics to their gentle purring, there is never a dull moment with cats. However, you need to understand that felines require special care to stay healthy.

If you got a new kitty, and want to know how to care for it and spoil it rotten, check out the next few tips.

  1. Providing Affection

A kitten is just like a baby; it needs constant love and affection . Your little kitty might be a bit apprehensive after its separation from its mother, so you want to gently ease it into its new environment. Do not leave your kitten alone for extended periods, especially if there are no other animals in the house. Instead, spend as much time as you can with it, and pet it gently; it also helps to use a soothing voice to offer reassurance. Cats, in general, can sense your mood through your tone, so make sure that your voice projects your love. Moreover, stay vigilant because kittens can get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations, so letting it sleep near you is your best bet.

  1. Offering a Nutritious Diet

Do not just expect to offer your kitten a can of cat food every day. Cats have refined taste palates, and this makes them extremely picky eaters. Experiment with different types of food to find what your cat likes best. If your kitten was separated from its mother too early, never offer cow’s milk because it can cause an upset stomach. Instead, use the kitten formula, which you can find at your local pet store. In addition, an insightful guide by Feline Living points out that you should always use food specifically made for kittens to avoid any health mishaps. It also stresses that you should steer away from toxic foods, such as onion, garlic, chocolate, coffee, and tea because they can be lethal to cats. Keep in mind that cats of different ages require different diets, so check with your vet, as they can put you on the right track, and offer invaluable guidance.

  1. Endorsing Playtime

Kittens and adolescent cats have so much energy that you might find them randomly sprinting across the house. That is why you should encourage your kitten to stay physically active by splurging on some toys. For example, laser beams are bound to make them go crazy. You can even make a low-cost toy by using a short rope and dangling it in front of your kitten. Remember, cats are agile creatures, so it is no use trying to control them or keep them all cooped up.

  1. Grooming

Unlike dogs, cats do not need frequent baths because they can effectively groom themselves; however, an occasional bath once every three to five months can do wonders if needed. Contrary to popular belief, not all cats hate getting wet. So, if you want bath time to go a little bit easier, bathe your kitten when it is as young as three months old to allow it to get used to the water. Just make sure you dry it thoroughly to prevent any illnesses. Furthermore, you must brush its fur every few days to reduce shedding and matted fur.

  1. Visiting the Vet

You might think that you have everything under control, but it is always better to check with your vet every once in a while. Even if your cat is not showing any signs of illness, you need to take it to the vet every 6 months for a checkup. As for kittens, you need to ensure they get the required vaccinations on time. Some lethal viruses can be prevented by vaccinating your kittens, so be a responsible owner. Moreover, you need to check for parasites like ticks, fleas, and worms often, and give your kitten the necessary treatment and preventive doses.

  1. Understanding Its Behavior

As your kitten grows older, it will become more independent, and will not require the same attention. No matter how disheartening this might be, you need to understand that your cat will not love you any less when it is older. Therefore, do not insist on cuddling it if it seems hesitant, and give it some time alone. It will come back on its own terms.

Getting a new kitten can be a life-changing experience, and might be overwhelming at first; however, by understanding some facts about cats, you can pamper your sweet kitten the right way. Just be responsible, and take some time to bond with your kitten because once it gets older, it will become more independent. If you want your cat to be a cuddly angel, you need to start giving it affection early on.

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