When getting a service dog might be right for you

April 12, 2020

When getting a service dog might be right for you

Service dogs are an essential service for people who may be disabled and have no helpers. The fact that the dog has been a very close companion of man for centuries means that service dogs are a perfect means of helping people with certain problems. So, what are some of the reasons one may need to acquire a service dog? In this article, we shall discuss some of the instances that can make one require the help of a service dog. For instance, you can even get one for anxiety, for emotional wellbeing as well as for other tasks that one may require to be performed by these dogs.

Here are some of the reasons when you may need a service dog:

  1. Physical Benefits

When it comes to physical disabilities, service dogs come in handy to help people maneuver the various tasks they have to take daily. Individuals with disabilities can have a trained service dog to help them accomplish many tasks. As such, various disabilities require specially trained animals. You will have a service dog trained for your specific needs as a person with a disability. Most of the service dogs can perform roles such as guide dogs, physical support for people with epilepsy, people on wheelchairs, people with fatigue issues and so on. For instance, for people on wheelchairs, a service dog can open a door for them, pick objects for such people, some can even unload and upload laundry from a dryer and so on.

When it comes to people with epilepsy, a service dog can detect the onset of a seizure, and this means that they can alert their owners. In this manner, the owner will not get injured since they will have taken better positions where they are much safer. The service dog can even seek further help after the seizure so that their owner can get more medical attention.

  1. Emotional benefits of service dogs

Service dogs can also be used to offer emotional support to people who need it. Most people may be aware of the physical help that service dogs offer to people in need. However, some people are lonely and need the emotional support of an animal. Pets are some of the best ways that one can keep happy and emotionally stable. Dogs are generally good for companionship. Service dogs will help you to properly manage your chronic illness or disability. With such a dog around, one does not feel lonely as they do not feel isolated especially when the service dog performs some roles for you. With a service dog, one can get a feeling of independence since they do not have to rely on humans for help. This brings a sense of independence since you do not feel like you are a burden to a fellow human being. It is also true that the service dog eases the responsibility of your relatives and creates a sense of social confidence. You feel as independent as others since you do not have to rely on them for all your needs in terms of the performance of tasks.

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