3 Types of Dog Leashes and How to Choose the Best for Your Pet

March 18, 2019

Choosing a dog leash is no simple task. The market has also not made it any simpler as there are numerous varieties to choose from. As a dog owner, you need to find the perfect leash that fits right and can withstand the weight of your dog. The leash should have the right length, thickness, and material for the comfort of the dog. Out of the many types of dog leashes available today, here are three of the best that you can purchase:

1. Adjustable Dog Leash

An adjustable dog leash allows you to adjust the length to fit your situation. This leash is the most preferred since dog owners get into different situations with their dogs every time. For dogs that love to play and run, this is the leash for you. This leash is also the best when taking your dog to the vet or while grooming. It helps keep them in place without moving. If your dog is one of those energetic breeds that tend to pull a lot, you may find the perfect leash to hand such abrupt movement on Dog Product Picker. The material used for this leash should be strong to hold the dog’s weight and strength once it tries to pull. You can go for a chain adjustable dog leash if your dog chews on leashes made from other material. The leash can also combine two or three materials that help improve the comfort of the dog using it. The length also differs. Choose the most ideal for you.

2. Retractable Dog Leash

A retractable dog leash is ideal if you are looking to offer controlled freedom for the pet. This leash comes with a comfortable handle that will not strain the arm. The leash’s thickness and strength differ. The short leashes work best on small dogs and puppies while the long ones are for larger and heavier breeds. A retractable leash is ideal for dogs under training as there is minimal tugging. It allows the dog a little freedom making it more comfortable. You can also use it when you have more than one dog. Another available option for this type of dog leash is a hands-free type. The leash is tied on the waist. Therefore, your hands are free to carry out other duties. It can be used while jogging or taking a walk.

3. Fixed Length

A fixed length leash cannot be reduced or increased. This is ideal for training dogs since they get the same length throughout and reduces pulling and outdoor play. The leash can be made from chain or material. The chain varies in length, width, and strength. For small dogs, a small leash works fine. However, for the larger ones, get a strong leash to avoid damaging it or hurting the dog. The fixed leash can be combined with a collar for safety and to improve the style. The collar may even be attached to a scannable chip for easier tracking of your pet.

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